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Saturday, September 01, 2007

When you marry an Arab Prince...

Good afternoon, my sensitive little bluebirds~

Okay, this one is for you:,,2161696,00.html

As the Guardian's catchy headline caught my eye, "How a Minsk waitress landed an Arab Prince", of course I read the article. It appears that Sheikh Sayyid bin Maktoum al-Maktoum arrived in Belarus and rather than winning a clay pidgeon competition, a 19-year-old waitress who had been working there for two months caught his eye. Or shall we say, she's the one who got caught?

Ah yes, it is a romantic tale she tells of her one-month courtship. She is a Muslim woman who says she married her prince for love. We were all 19 once, and love hits that group pretty quickly and hard, doesn't it? I'm sure his first wife married for love also, and she and their five children must be overjoyed to have extended the family so effortlessly.

Of course after reading the book, Three Cups of Tea, I have a slightly greater understanding of the Muslim acceptance of polygamy based on ability to support wives and additional children. A Prince certainly should be among those expected to have more than one wife. Heck, after bearing five children for the 30-year-old prince, the first wife may have even requested a relief catcher.

And there are always times when spouses of both sexes could easily relate to the old comedian Rodney Dangerfield's opening line, "Take my wife... please!". The first part delivered as if he was going to say something factual about her. It always got a snicker from the men, but we're completely capable of substituting the word 'husband'.

I guess my point is that romance still lives.:)

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