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Sunday, August 05, 2007

My neighbors are selling... again...


Good morning, my sassy little palominos~

These horses have moved to greener pastures, and we have some bad news. Our neighbors are selling their house, which I suppose could be a good thing, but seems like a bad thing at the moment. Then again, they rented it last year and were unhappy with how their tenants treated the property. It was a blended family with six kids between them and they were both working full time and going to school on the side. How you do that with so many children is really beyond me, but somehow they managed. What didn't happen, of course, was housekeeping in either the home or the barn.

So, now they've decided not to rent the house, as it has too much maintenance with acreage anyway. Don't you feel like you are playing Russian Roulette, though, when you are going to have a new neighbor? These last guys were too bad. The renter guys. They were just sloppy and didn't brush their horses or maintain them particularly well. It was a little too 'country' if you know what I mean, but they were pleasant neighbors.

The owners were nice and he was an okay guy except that he loved to make noise. Anything with a motor? That was his bag. After he moved in you couldn't sit out on your patio and enjoy the serenity of the place on a weekend. From 7:00 a.m. on he had a chain saw, riding mower, edger, chipper, or some other obnoxious sounding piece of gasoline powered equipment raging away. And then he loved to burn and that was not a good thing. He didn't realize that burn piles are supposed to be maxed out at two feet high, and then if that isn't enough, you keep throwing more yard debris on the two foot pile until it is all burned.

One of the 70 foot fir trees on his property went up in flames on the lower twenty feet of branches and he caught one of our trees on fire too. Although, as I wasn't home, I don't know how quickly he put them out. Our tree only had one badly singed twelve foot span of branch.

But now that 'For sale' sign is out and we'll end up with some new people living there one day soon. We will all get along most likely. After all this will be the sixth family who has lived there since we moved here. I hope they have a couple of horses, though, as it's really nice having them around when someone else is mucking the stables.:)

Clark County Stables
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