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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I have nothing against money... really...

Good morning, my dancing little doggies~

Sometimes when I write about the 'rich' I make gross generalizations, so let me say here and now that I know and have known many rich people who are great human beings and use their wealth in humanitarian and progressive ways. When I get upset with the rich, it is because of the condition of the common man or woman. Life is often so hard on those who are not rich so I have to throw the blame at somebody.

I have also known some of the world's biggest tightwads. The one who interests me currently is Senator Grassley from Iowa.

Chuck Grassley is a republican who likes to watch over the bucks in government. He is the one who has shaken up Wall Street and the private-equity partners who have wrangled from the tax system an enjoyable 15% income tax rate while the rest of us enjoy a 35% one. When these private-equity partners go public, however, Chuckie wants them to pay the 35% tax like the rest of us.

Oh, you can imagine the kicking, screaming and squealing that is going on. You might even hear soon how if this happens the whole damn economy will go under overnight!

Okay, so I should tell you that Chuck has some money, but he is known for his personal frugality. He keeps his air conditioning at 80% and for many years when he reached the top ramp of the Senate garage, he would turn off his engine and coast down to his space to save gas. These kinds of stories, of course, are amusing to most of us, but a little part of my brain says, "Wow. Wish I thought of that."

So why hasn't the federal income tax created some equalization in our society? Well, it came into being after the 'Gilded Age' in the late 19th Century. It was passed to attempt to try to tap into some of the incredible fortunes that were made during that time. The inheritance tax, which has now been challenged, also attempted to redistribute some of this accumulated wealth and create some equalization.

Truthfully, if taxes have been paid once, perhaps the inheritance tax seems unfair. Then again, if the wealthy people who died had everything tax-sheltered throughout their lives, perhaps it is only fair to ask them to pay up after their demise. I certainly want my children and grandchildren to inherit whatever we have, minuscule though it will be by comparison, but if I ever do sell that screenplay?

I can pretty much guarantee I'll give it away long before I go, just so I can enjoy how they squander it.:) Okay, so lots of it would go to my kids and grandkids and things like preventing global warming, producing politically charged documentaries, publishing a few family novels, providing a foundation that helped struggling families with their expenses, and I would build a pond with a waterfall in the backyard. Oh, and a guest house too, so family could come here anytime they wanted.

Yeah, I know, I'm selfish. There are a few things more I want out of life and I make no apologies.:)

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