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Monday, August 06, 2007

How to survive a car wreck that ends up in water...

Good afternoon, my luscious little lollypops~

I should still be working this afternoon, but I think I've had enough intellectual stimulation today.:) Hence, I am thinking about that horrible bridge disaster and trying to find ways to cope with the anxiety it produces for those of us who drive over deficient bridges daily.

There's a book about how to survive all kinds of things - like being attacked by a tiger - but this is just about getting out of a vehicle once it hits water. That's the key, my friends.

As soon as your vehicle hits the water you will have between 30 seconds and 4 minutes to get yourself out of the car. The most important thing is to stay calm. As soon as you land, open the windows - if your power windows still work. If they don't work, find something with which to smash the window, even if it is your body part.

There is no point trying to open a door as it will be impossible with the water pressure. Smash the window, unbuckle your seat belt and get out as soon as you can.

The Police refer to this as SOS GO!

S Stay calm.
O Open the window somehow.
S Seatbelt unbuckle
Go! Get the hell out of there!

If you are with other people, obviously one of you can unbuckle kids, etc., while you get the windows open.

I know this stuff is super creepy and frightening, but things happen. Drive safely in the meantime, okay?

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