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Friday, August 10, 2007

Clark County Fair...

Good morning, my happy little revelers~

Well Sunday is the last day of the Clark County Fair. With all the bad publicity about amusement park accidents (like that young adolescent whose feet were cut off during a malfunctioning ride), I find it incredible that so many people still enjoy these traveling carnival rides.

My mother refused to go on rides with us when we were kids - she got motion sickness - so it was always our dad who accompanied us or at least sat behind us on the rides. Of course, my mother was a risk taker with regard to addictive substances, but after she and my father were stuck at the top of the ferris wheel during their courtship? She never again set foot on anything higher than a stepstool. She also could never learn to drive, and until she died at 81, we all chauffered her around.

Did you ever notice that someone who is never the driver has some peculiar attitudes? First of all, they don't understand the value of gasoline or the expense of car maintenance. Secondly, they don't find it particularly rude to keep you waiting while they finish getting ready for fifteen minutes. Thirdly, they seem to have the attitude that you were going 'someplace' anyway, and so taking them with you isn't any trouble. Ha!

Humanity can be pretty amusing in its narcissism.

But I suppose I will always find it rather cute when little kids are afraid to go on rides, overcome this fear and then enjoy themselves. That said, with the lack of proper maintenance, cheap steel being imported from China and that 'profit' motive so dominant, I wonder if it is prudent to encourage our kids to be thrillseekers.:) The sky may not yet be falling, but the bridges and roadways are. Why would we have more confidence in a contraption that is assembled and disassembled every two weeks or so?

Just my take.

Clark County Diva
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