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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is the half-life of a hard-boiled egg?

Good morning, my beastie little kumquats~

Friday I boiled some eggs which I expected family to munch on when they arrived in anticipation of the wedding reception. Of course, that worked that day, but eventually the refrigerator was filled to capacity and the eggs were difficult to find. Until this morning, when I decided I might eat a couple for breakfast.

So what is the life span of a cooked, hard-boiled egg, I wondered. After a thorough Internet search I learned it was approximately one week.

Although fresh eggs can be kept refrigerated for five or six weeks, once they are washed and natural coating supplied by nature has been destroyed, they become porous. Ergo, a boiled egg has no protection against bacteria that will begin to develop on the eighth day.

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