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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We ask teens to be abstinent, but how many adults could?

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There was an article today in the New York Times that talked about the latest studies showing that 'abstinence education for teens' was a pretty useless endeavor. Oh, there are more teenagers than there used to be holding off on their sexual initiation, but it probably has nothing to do with these one-sided, non-scientific, guilt-laying bouts of misinformation being touted as 'education'.

In case you are too old to remember, or old enough to have forgotten, teenagers are in love with the physical. Yes, if a kid is into sports or busy, busy, busy, they are often not as likely to have time for sexual encounters, but every single kid dreams of the day that they'll finally be able to find out what sex is like.

After all, our entire American society is so obsessed with body parts and genitals that kids must think that is all there is to look forward to in life. Every book has sexy passages in it, every movie has to have a longing for sex or even some gratuitous scenes, and certainly there isn't a car or big screen TV being sold without some sexual peripheral element to the ad.

But whether kids decide (and they are the ones who make that decision) to have sex at 14 or 24, what they really need is clear and concise information. What are the best birth control options, how effective are they, what is the morning after pill, what kind of medical care does a sexually active person require, etc.

We teach our kids how to kick a soccer ball, we teach them how to study, we teach them how to brush their teeth but somehow our Puritanical little minds go blank when it comes to sexual behavior and information. Modesty is one thing, but sexual activity can put a child's life at risk with STDs, and certainly many kids who prematurely become sexually active suffer some emotional turmoil as well. And let's not forget pregnancy and all those added difficulties.

So let's stop being so immature, give the kids the real information, and then try to keep them busy, busy, busy!

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