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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wake-up, America.

Good morning, my feverish little fireflies~

Yes, yes, yes, we all know that life can suck at times, but the war in Iraq puts a pall on everything else. It distracts us from the most important global concerns, which I consider poverty and global warming. We love to call ourselves a 'higher species', yet even an ant colony or honey bees provide the basic necessities of life for each of their members, whether they are workers or not.

Somehow our country has become misdirected enough to lose its heart. We attack a country that had no intention of attacking us; we saber rattle at another; we create such fear of us that other countries raise their armature levels; we leave Osama bin Laden, a true menace, regrouping and planning evil attacks and then we cannot get our representatives to do what 60% of the country wants.

It is time for a national referendum to change our way of government to a true democracy, not this 'representative government' that now fails to represent us. Unfortunately, our bought-and-paid-for politicians have lost their integrity and their decency. I suppose we never expected them to have a heart, but these latest pathetic attempts to impress us with the 'all nighter'? Sigh.

They put on quite a show, but none of it matters in the end. We are still in Iraq, we still have a maniac and his insane ideologues running our government without any restraint, and nobody has the balls to do anything about it.

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