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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The synonym of Gardenia is patience...


Good morning, my delicate little seahorses~

This particular gardenia has lived in my house since last winter. Admittedly it was a great disappointment after I discovered it was infested with aphids, repeatedly, so in the spring I banned it to the outside and placed it near an ant hill. Whether it was the bug spray I used, the chronic blasts of water or the ants, the aphids seem to be gone.

My husband was the one who dutifully watered it - after all the blossoms were there when I bought it - and this past weekend to our delight it started to bloom. It 'only' took half a year.

This morning, however, it occurred to me that gardenias must be like rhodies and azaleas. Their blossoms begin to form as soon as the old ones fall off, then they continue to promise a lovely flowering all year until they finally do.

I suppose it seems silly to non-gardeners that this would be such an important issue, but patience is my short suit, and anyone who has smelled a gardenia understands why they are such a treasure.

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