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Friday, July 20, 2007

Puggle and Terrier... in all their innocence...




Good morning, my anxious little peapods~

Our smooth-haired fox terrier is as exhausted as I am from the early morning wake-up calls. They sure look well-behaved, though, don't they? The puggle is pretty amusing, actually. When she's hungry she goes up to her dog dish and gives it a whack with her paw. She used to spin her dish around as my son used a stainless steel version, but ours is ceramic and a little harder to do that with, so she just keeps banging it until you notice.

Once you start to mix her food for her, though, the show really starts. She begins spinning in circles in anticipation and will continue to spin until you put the dish down on the floor. I usually make my dogs sit before I give them their food. Why? So that they get in the habit of needing permission to eat. Then if small children are around I don't worry about food issues. I'm half-heartedly training her to sit, but I must admit I am afraid she'll stop spinning once I do.

I guess we all love puppies because they make us smile with their antics. You should see her with a hand puppet or two or even a stick. She treats them like prey and throws them up in the air and catches them, chases them, and sleeps with them. Really, she likes all her stuffed animals around her.

Oh, don't be impressed. Our fox terrier plays soccer. She really does, only she punctured the soccer ball so many times that we had to replace it with a basketball. She can do headers, dribble and we'd offer to put her on David Letterman's Stupid Pet Trick sequence, but we don't think it's a stupid trick. As a matter of fact, everybody who sees her do it laughs and can't get over how clever she is. (Or at least that is what we assume they think.)

Well, I'm going to walk the trail so I'll check in later.

In peace,

Clark County Diva
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