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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post-party depression... and the return to real life

Good morning, my luxurious little lynxes~

Sigh. After every great celebration with its accompanying adrenalin and endorphins, there has to be a let-down. Mine was this morning, when Little G, our puggle, decided to wake me up long before I wanted to arise. The early bird-man is on a college tour with our granddaughter while they drive back to California.

Although I am surely seconds, Little G began to lick my face with a fervor only those needing a pottie break could understand. However... what she really, really, really wanted was breakfast. This I discovered after we walked around the yard for twenty minutes - long enough for me to wake up completely, which was not my plan - and she had still not 'performed'.

Okay, it wasn't so bad. The yard is still lovely from the party and the last two days it has rained - unheard of in our area in July or August which are always dry, hot months - alleviating me from the necessity of watering anything but five hanging planters. Besides, I have plenty of time now to get my work done and also make it to my noon Rotary meeting. I might even get there early, another first.:)

Of course, I think I may have a bit of a cold, but it's hard to tell as I am a generally medicated asthmatic. Then again, I refuse to acknowledge illness on the few days I might have time to sculpt and also get in a long walk with my friends. Of course, with the six or seven times I'll be walking the puppy and our other dog... I may not have much left to give on the trail.

I did notice my husband took care of a few items before he left anticipating my lack of focus. He ground up enough espresso beans for a week, filled the water up to the top in the espresso maker, put all the trash cans back after the pick-up, did all his laundry, gave the dogs a bath and also cleaned the bathroom. Today I pronounce him a keeper.

Sigh. Well, duty and obligation return, but wild hair thoughts are lingering. What kind of thoughts?

This morning for instance, as I looked around and saw the furniture arranged back into its usual configurations? Scanned the acreage and noted how lovely and parklike it all looks after our entire family's yard-taming efforts and the intensely heavy weed-wacking my husband did? Noted the re-blooms of all the summer flowers, vines and shrubs which appreciated the pruning and tune-up? Proudly thought that the house (which we de-junked and de-cluttered and cleaned both before and after the party of course) still looked great with the new things we bought and did to highlight new floors, contain the clematis vines, and the walkway and other flowers we planted to highlight the new paint job, etc.?

I actually thought... That was so much fun... it wasn't that expensive and it wasn't that much work. Ha.. ha... ha...... So, somebody call a shrink. I mean it. I need that strait-jacket quick before we decide to celebrate something else.:)

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