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Monday, July 23, 2007

Nicknames and friendship...

Good morning, my happy little cacti~

Yes, nicknames in our family are a way of expressing affection. Dogs start out with names like Cosette (from Les Miserables) and end up being called 'Tiny', and beautiful given names end up being compressed into abbreviations like Ace and Bear and Mo. I am not sure if this is true in other cultures, but I know that in Mexico, nicknames are complicated to learn, as they do not need to represent any kind of connection to the actual name itself.

What am I talking about? For instance, in our culture, Richard can be Rick, Dick, Dicky, Ricky, or Rich. You can see how they came about. In the Mexican culture, nicknames are standardized as well, but they are things like "Pepe" instead of the formal name of "Jose". Go figure.

So when my husband makes a great point of re-naming everyone and everything in our lives, I go with the flow. There is some benefit to this tradition, however. If anyone ever tries to steal our dog using the Vet's records or our house burns down and our pets run away? When they try to call the dog by its given name, it won't respond. Then we can come into the pound, or wherever they are holding our precious pet, call the preferred nickname, and the dog will come running.

It isn't a security system, but it is things like this that help me sleep at night.:)

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