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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Iran... and Iraq... and a couple of idiots...


Good morning, my tasty little pineapples~

This administration makes me feel absolutely crazy, and I am sure I am not alone. Why the heck are we saber rattling with Iran? We have an insane man in the Oval Office and his vice president is constantly trying to start another war, even though they have recklessly stressed our military and completely eroded our national security by also over-taxing our National Guard with their misadventure in Iraq.

Now I understand it will take a year or two just to remove our troops, and they will be at great risk when they are deployed out of Iraq. The private contractors (mercenaries), whose numbers now exceed our troops there, will probably never leave, and the American taxpayer will be expected to finance their footprint and their expenses as well. I honestly don't know how or why we feel it necessary to have military bases around the world. Let other countries pay for their own security. We are hated and feared and we have no business being within 'striking distance' of just about anywhere.

Israel is going to do something about Iran, or at least threatening to, if we don't make some serious moves, and I think, let them. Let it be their war and let us stop supporting their government, and see if somehow they begin to see the light and find a way to come to terms with their neighbors. As a super power we have an obligation to do the right thing, but our government is neglecting its own citizens in the pursuit of power. There is nothing too good for the international corporations, and everything too good for the average citizen.

Corporations like Wal-Mart exploit our taxpayer-supported government by refusing to provide their own security and ultimately bringing crime into neighborhoods, which police departments then have to manage. Some Wal-Marts have security cameras on the rooftops, but there is no one monitoring them. Sometimes the tapes are kept for evidence in cases where homicide or violence occurs in their parking lots, but half the time they are erased. This is symptomatic of Wal-Mart's policy of letting government pay the costs of its business. How? Well, health care, for instance, is generally provided by the states or Feds for Wal-Mart employees, as they don't have insurance or are so low-wage they quality for supplemental food and health care. That is the plight of the working poor, my friends, and that is a disgrace.

Did you know that medical bills are the number one reason Americans go bankrupt? This happens in no other industrialized, progressive country, my friends. It just doesn't. The American dream is becoming a nightmare.

I understand that our economy is dependent on oil, and I understand why. We have steadfastly refused to invest in alternative energies like wind and solar, even though we have plenty of technology available to us. We have also refused to accept the concept the rest of the world has begun to embrace of lesser and lesser consumption. We are the selfish pigs of the global economy. We need to reform our lifestyles and change how we bring up our children, or this gluttonous policy of exploiting the world's resources will come back and bite us on the bottom.

Just my take.

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