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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The best laid plans... and nature

Good morning, my feisty little groundhogs~

Well, the house is looking almost ready for the wedding celebration, the yard is beyond our best past efforts, and I have made my lists of remaining chores, errands, purchases, and cooking and prep schedules.

Did I ever mention I always wanted to have my own restaurant? If I bring it up again, please have me committed.:)

It seems like a great idea to have a small celebration, but we are lucky. Our family is growing and our children have friends and so do we, and now we have the blended families of an extended family... so the number has gotten a lot bigger.

I don't expect everything to be perfect, but our son is bringing two friends to help us, my girlfriends have offered assistance, and I know that everyone will pitch in if needed. Really, they will. And you know what else? I am old enough to know that not only can I not do it all myself, half of the fun is putting on the party together.

Okay, so there is one fly in the ointment, or should I say some baby swallows in the chimney. Uh-huh. Our dogs had been running into the living room recently and barking, and when we would look for what they were barking at it seemed it was the coyotes outside.

Then my husband realized the violet barn swallows that usually build a mud nest on one of our exterior eaves had instead swooped into the chimney. Of course, we will need a chimney sweep to come later in the fall to rid the fireplace of the nest, but we're not cruel enough to evict them now. You should hear them cheep for their parents. How could we throw them out just for the party?

Come on, the kids will think it's cool.:)

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