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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The African-American heritage machine...

Good morning, my sweet little dairy freezes~

It occurred to me today that our African-American population has enriched our lives culturally ever since somebody's b*st*rd ancestors kidnapped and imprisoned them as slaves. First they brought us the most beautiful harmonies and rhythms from the Negro Spiritual era, the musical BEAT from Africa is still amazing and powers just about all the really good dancing music, then Jazz and all its amazing musical progeny. And now I would pronounce us as being in a new cultural enhancement period.

Poetry is back and we can thank Rap and Hip Hop for the same.

Think about it. There is a new interest in poetry and rhyming, and it all relates to the beautiful beat and musical back-up that has inspired so many young people to give this literary medium its new juice. And all because of today's rappers who have legitimately hijacked all of today's popular music in movies, television theme songs, background enhancements and all forms of commercials.

Pretty impressive, really. I hope one day there is some credit given where credit is due and some royalties, my man.

Why does it matter? Ooetry is the language of lovers and what would the species be without them?

Clark County Diva



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