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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why aren't Congress and the Senate doing their duty?

Good morning, my tender little doves~

Every time I see those lying, deceiving, smirking republicans just ignoring the questions they are being asked by democrats with oversight responsibility, I want to scream.

It is obvious that Alberto Gonzalez has already committed acts that would allow us to impeach him and president bush and dick cheney and that they have all broken the law repeatedly - particularly bush with all his illegal wire taps, even after he was told by the Justice Department that they were illegal - and yet nothing happens.

The republicans up for reelection are going to get a 'whoopin' in 2008. I might also add that if the democrats currently allowing themselves to be defied don't do something with some guts, they may be replaced as well.

Yes, we don't want to lose sight of the Iraq war and what it is doing to our society, our treasury and the poor Iraqis, but we need to get these creeps out of the White House. They have absolutely no respect for Congress, the Senate or the American people.

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