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Thursday, May 10, 2007

What drives women to set themselves on fire?

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Whenever I read about women around the world with fewer freedoms than American women, I feel profoundly sad. Today's news story is about Afghan women who represent 80% of the burn victims in Afghanistan. A third of them are suspected of setting themselves on fire, and the balance? Deducting for the occasional accident, the perpetrators are generally the women's disgruntled husbands or relatives.

We are all horrified, of course, by the Indian 'custom' of bride-burning, so this shouldn't be a shock to us, but it is anyway.

What would possess a person to have such a heartless view of another human that they could set them on fire? Oh, yes, we know about psychopaths, sociopaths and the occasional jealous rage that results in victims, but we are talking about good ole everyday husbands here. Men who sleep with their wives, eat dinner with them, watch their children grow inside them and... it just seems to dehumanizing.

And that is exactly the point. When the humanity of a person is not recognized, we have slavery, indentured servitude, exploitation, murder and abuse. The issue of concern in Afghanistan, however, is that since the Taliban was removed from power, the suicides by women have increased. Experts believe it is because of greater awareness of what their lives lack, and that is a horribly sad statement.

These women are generally illiterate, as they were not allowed to attend school, work, socialize or go out by themselves unless accompanied by a male relative. Now they can do all these things... legally... but the majority are unable to make even the slightest change in their subservient, cave-like lifestyles.

This, my friends, is another example of how religion is used to control the masses. The XX chromosone masses, that is. Sigh.

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