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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We are not doing our job protecting our babies...

Good afternoon, my tender little sprouts~

It is a sad time with all the information available about childhood nutrition when parents still do crazy things and justify it somehow.

Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn's 6 month old baby died on a diet of raw foods, and their other four children were malnourished and underweight from the state of Florida's Child Protective Services division's assessment.

A jury today, however, did not find the parents guilty of aggravated manslaughter in the starving death of the infant, but did find them guilty of child neglect on the other four counts. They now have a new baby, who was born after their arrest, and they feel vindicated. It is scary to me that they so easily replaced the child they lost and continue to breed. This can't be good for their other children or their future ones or the gene pool.

They will be sentenced December 15th and could face up to 20 years in prison for the neglect charges or a sentence as light as monitored probation. This couple seems like the dream team, though, when compared to another father and mother from Georgia.

Lamont Thomas and his girlfriend, Jade Sanders, claimed to have fed their infant son soy milk and organic apple juice after he was born. However, the baby withered away and died of malnutrition at six weeks. The irony here? The father used his court time today to complain about the food he was being served in the Georgia jail.

"They don't feed you right," he complained loudly to the judge, closing with, "I'm dying every day in there."

I couldn't think of a more appropriate punishment than starving the two parents to death personally, but they were sentenced to life in prison for murdering their infant child, Crown Thomas. That poor little soul had absolutely no chance with such maniacs for parents and obviously no one stepped into save that child. That is perhaps the biggest disgrace.

On the other hand, we are obviously not educating parents or monitoring their babies properly. It is impossible to imagine how two functioning adults could do nothing as their child withered away and died, but that is exactly what the prosecutor told the jury happened and the pictures of the infant said it all. (

The miracle is probably that more parents don't hurt their children, but shouldn't nature help us on this one? Is the diminished number of moms breastfeeding changing our hormonal structure so dramatically that we no longer act like mothers? This doesn't speak well for children nor the species, candidly. Have we come to disposable babies? Are we that messed up?

I don't know the answer, but my heart weeps for all those tiny babies so unwanted, uncared for and unloved.

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