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Friday, May 11, 2007

Those annoying cell phones.... yours and mine

Good morning, my little compulsive communicators~

Are you one of those people with a cell phone on them at all times? Me too. I can't help it, really, unless all my children are around me and my husband is home too.

There is just something so incredibly disappointing about gardening for a few hours and then going into the house to discover that your three favorite people in the whole world called while you were unhooked.

Anyway, tonight someone asked if anyone was expecting an organ donation. When no one responded, she said, "Okay, then, the rest of you can turn off your cell phones."

People waiting for organ transplants are generally fitted with cell phones or pagers so that when the organ is available they can immediately go to the hospital. Everyone understands that time is of the essence and if the hospital cannot reach you, they will call the next person on the list who is a match.

When I came back from that meeting tonight I happened to read about this exact situation. A ten-year-old who had been waiting for a heart, but when a heart became availabe, neither the child could nor his parents could be reached. The hospital finally contacted the police, who contacted the mother's cell phone carrier who pinpointed their position through global-positioning technology.

The police went to the location and discovered that the family was listening to a jazz concert and had the phone turned off. They stopped the concert, made the announcement looking for the family, and the mother and son immediately left for the hospital, accompanied by a standing ovation.

Ain't technology, and all its annoying qualities, grand just the same?

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