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Friday, May 18, 2007

Teaching US Workers (and Citizens) to think...

Good morning, my dancing little peppercorns~

Hedrick Smith, a former New York Times reporter, was the speaker for the CREDC's quarterly investors' luncheon here in Vancouver yesterday. I'm sorry I missed it, as according to news reports, his main speech was about education.

No not the usual stuff, but a more global view of the state of the US with regard to our young people and how we serve them and train them for the new world economy. In his view America's promise economically is falling way behind that of other countries. As he put it, it is all about priorities. The first or second priority in most developed countries is funding for education. In the US, it is about fifth.

Another of his criticisms of our educational system regards the lack of instruction in critical thinking skills. Anyone who has been in business soon recognizes that many employees have to be taught how to take the initiative, problem solve, calculate numbers, answer the phone and write business letters. When developing critical thinking and analysis skills are not part of school curriculum, innovation and problem solving suffer.

Of course education is paramount, but as we live in such a rapidly changing world, I would suggest that the most valuable asset a worker will eventually bring might be resiliency.

Just my take.

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