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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Survival of the species... and other random thoughts...

Good morning, my pretty little chimpanzees~

Sometimes I think we all forget what it was like to be young. You know, the time in your life when your hormones crank up and nature makes you utterly beautiful to the opposite sex. You sport a hormone-induced glow that everyone recognizes, from your father and mother to the weirdo down the street, and we all agree that you are the epitome of youthful beauty.

Well, along with becoming an artistic vision comes a lot of responsibility and very little natural desire or inclination to rein in one's impulses. It is also kind of a secretive time. Young women are not interested in telling their mothers that they are thinking about having sex because they are afraid it will disturb their seeming virtue. And young men? Not only are they afraid of jinxing it, but they know that if they dared to mention it to the old lady or the old man? There would be even more lectures on how 'irresponsible' they are already.

So when I read today that the Chinese government is now concerned about the huge numbers of young, unmarried rural women working in the city? It seems their 'virtue' and family planning are two entirely separate issues in everyone's minds and without the protection and supervision of families, lots of girls are getting pregnant.

Single women are going to clinics for abortions as a major sort of birth control with some of them coming back a year or 18 months later for another. Girls as young as 22 or 23 may have already had 5 or 6 abortions. Because they lack any sex education - the government has only focused on married woman for cultural reasons - they are even more naive than our American teenagers.

I suppose the provincial approach to family planning worked in the past, but with so many young women leaving home to work in modern society, self-restraint no longer functions well. Girls are still afraid of supplying birth control in the form of condoms, as they fear the men will judge them, and they are also afraid of offending their boyfriends.

Of course, the boyfriends are just as knuckle-headed as the women, so the pregnancies continue.

Those of us who are hoping to see abortion become something rarely necessary should perhaps try to support those educational efforts that also supply birth control. I know I write about this frequently, but 14,000,000 abortions in China and another couple million in America and who knows how many around the rest of the world adds up to a lot of unwanted pregnancies.

Certainly we can all acknowledge that natural urges are powerful and young people away from their families left to their own devices? Nature happens. Let's do a better job of getting out the right information. Nationally and internationally. And let's get these girls some serious protection. Along with unprotected sex there will be plenty of sexually transmitted diseases that get passed along as well. Do we really need more tragedies in life?

Ignorance has never been bliss.

Just my take.

Clark County Diva



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