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Monday, May 07, 2007

Scary things that live in weird places...

Good morning, my adorable little slugs~

As an occasional gratitude ritual, I recount all the reasons I am happy to live here. I attach a great deal of importance to local flora and fauna, as I like living where there are few poisonous things or wild, dangerous animals. I like only the creatures that are used to humans, avoid us and stay in the background while we're in the yard.

Okay, so I've had a bear encounter in New Hampshire and the weird experience of poisonous fuzzy-wuzzy caterpillars in Mexico. A jellyfish in California stung my poor niece, although I grew up on the coast I did swim with a shark once. Oh, I remained calm and got out of the water as quickly as I could, but it was scary.

My dad talked about the lake he and my mother went swimming in and came out covered in leeches, and if one swims in the Willamette River in Portland, it is possible to get an amoeba in your eye. Really, it happened to one of my clients and she luckily went immediately to an eye surgeon before it blinded her.

But one of the scariest scenes in a movie I ever saw was a British film set in Africa. It showed some bugs that crawled into a man's ear while he was alive. I can still recall the man, in khakis of some sort writhing around in his tent and his mates coming to his rescue. I don't remember the movie name, of course, or even anything else about it. Just that one horrifying scene.

Then the news tonight had a a segment with a young boy in Albany, Oregon, who had heard a weird popping sound in his ears a few days ago. He complained to his mother who took him to the doctor. Two spiders had set up housekeeping inside his ear which the doctor estimated had been there at least a few days.

One survived removal but was quickly dispatched to a little jar of formaldehyde along with its ear mate. Of course, one would think that it was all a joke. You know 'Spider-boy' happening on the weekend Spiderman III premiers with $148 million in ticket sales?

But the boy had the proof right in his little jar.:)

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