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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Sack (of you know what) that is Washington...

Good afternoon, my conscientious little peppercorns~

My husband left an interesting article for me from Vanity Fair's June 2007 edition. It is entitled, The Sack of Washington, and makes multiple comparisons between America and Rome, leading to the conclusion that although some may deplore "an ever-extending military, social decadence, or illegal immigration" there is a more disturbing element that has been largely ignored.

The wholesale privatization of America, its resources, its justice system, its military, its private property, its government services... and the dynamic the author claims this presents that is 'more dangerous than corruption, unprecedented in scale, and visible everywhere from Hurricane Katrina to the Iraq war'.

This, my friends, is very serious business and my biggest concern for our country. The bush crime family has succeeded in redistributing our country's resources, wealth and power. It will take generations to turn this cruise ship around, if it ever happens.

After all, what civilized government strips money from the poor in order to finance corporate welfare, denies people their Constitutional rights on one deranged president's command, gives away public resources like timber and land, assigns the goldmine results of publicly financed medical research to pharmaceutical companies, allows industry to write legislation meant to protect the public from those same industries, imports immigrants to exploit as cheap labor and exports good jobs to countries with even cheaper labor... must I go on?

I am, along with 60% of my countrymen, profoundly disappointed in this presidency and its republican hangover of government regulation and power. However, this is not the result of just two administrations; this trend has been on-going as Corporate America and the Big Boxes have gained a stranglehold on our voting power.

Some of the European countries have a much better system, with multiple candidates all vying for your vote over three months, and if no majority is won, the two highest vote getters have a run-off. Political campaigns are publicly financed with everyone getting the same money. I used to think of our country as civilized, but I've realized we are a bunch of exploited amateurs. I guess life has to get a lot harder than it is for more than 35% or 40% of the eligible voters in this country to get off their asses.

It is amazing to realize that 85% of the French recently voted in their presidential election. That statistic is mind-boggling in this country where apathy reigns. Maybe instead of denigrating the French, we should take more than a few French cooking lessons.

Seriously. I may have wished that Ségolène Royal won for lots of reasons, but if Nicolas Sarkozy won with that kind of voting participation? Although it seems it was only with 53.3% of the vote, the French obviously voted their pocketbooks. He was Chirac's financial guy, and although Chirac was no longer popular, Sarkozy promised economic revival.

I understand what the French did, as they consider their country a 'welfare state' and hope to gain greater personal wealth by cutting off the 'freeloaders'. Sadly, many who voted for George Bush felt that same way. Sigh.

Here's the link to the full story:

On that sad note...

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