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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rotten to the core... our policies and President...

Good afternoon, my lovely little irises~

The biggest problem most Americans have with seeing the real george w. bush is our capacity to hope, even when our intellects know better. We are limited by our common humanity and our ability to try to see the good in others, even when we can smell, taste, hear and touch and see the bad.

Bush's combination of putrid characteristics and flaws are so horrendous when combined, something in us sees only the chimpanzee perform at the podium. You see, the level of rot in his soul is so advanced, so fecal and so rancid, that it is totally and completely unimaginable for the majority of us without resorting to passages out of Dante's Inferno.

Sadly, bush is not the villain in a novel or a figment of our imaginations. He has been entrusted with power and money, the known vehicles of corruption for evil men. Reveling in the fraud of his life, he has become the incarnation of fiendishness with his heartless, greedy actions.

As I say a prayer for his damned soul, I hope there really is a god, only I don't want a forgiving god. I want a god that demands suffering seven times the suffering he caused. That would still be too good for him.

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