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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Peonies, flower freak of nature...


Good morning, my spicey little enchiladas~

These flowers are so lovely when they bloom on our peony tree. For some unfortunate reason, however, I have not managed to find the perfect spot for the tree. We trued sheltering it by the house, but it didn't get enough sun. Then I tried standing out in the yard, but it got too much east wind. Then I dug it up and left it in a pot for a year.

It now resides in my herb garden so I can keep my eye on it. This is a deciduous tree, and describing it as ugly during the winter would be a kindness, but these flowers? I am in love with them. They seem like they are made of paper for some sort of Mexican decoration and I find that endearing.

The familiar kind of peony, however, behaves as a perrenial. It dies back each winter and springs forth each spring, generally lovelier and bigger than the year before. It is relatively easy care with one glaring exception. Any and all its blooms require support, like the breasts of an over-endowed woman.

So, as lovely as these blooms will be during the summer months? What you spend initially on flower supports will cost you more than the plant itself. Luckily, you'll get to use them again and again.

You have been forewarned.:)

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