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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Paris, Paris, Paris... the rules do apply to you too...

Good morning, my tender little asparagus~

Of course you've been following Paris Hilton's latest attention grabbing headline, so here's the scoop.

Paris was on a 36-month probation for pleading 'no contest' to driving while under the influence. No contest, for those who aren't familiar with it, is not a guilty plea per se. It is a plea that acknowledges that if the case went to trial, there might be sufficient evidence to convict one. Hence, pleading 'no contest' allows the person to not admit guilt and hopefully have the court go a little lighter on any expected sentence.

Obviously Paris was not paying attention to what probation entails. First of all, her license had been suspended, and when she drove with a suspended license not once but twice and then was stopped? That kind of disrespect for court-imposed limitations tends to make the judge kind of angry.

He gave Paris 45 days in jail, and that was that. Sadly, as she left the courtroom the construction workers nearby began chanting, "jail time, jail time". I guess people love to hate celebrities who are rich and arrogant and don't care what they think. On the other hand, it is hard for me to imagine that Paris Hilton, a mere girl in her twenties, is bad. Spoiled maybe, classless in her behavior with men, an attention whore too, but there are lots of those, but bad? That's a hard sell for me.

Irresponsible, yes, and drinking while driving? Youthfully stupid, that's all, although plenty of older drinkers do the same thing with the same result. Perhaps she's lucky as her celebrity prevents her from being anonymous and fading into the background. She may actually get some help for herself.

Oh, that was the other thing she didn't do. She was supposed to get signed up with an AA-type program, which she blew off. Again, arrogant, stupid and immature.

Well, losing one's freedom even for a month and a half sounds pretty terrible to me. I hope she gets some help for herself and I hope she makes it through being incarcerated.

Personally, I feel badly for her. I think had her parents been less involved with other things and given her the attention she obviously craves, she might be a little less screwed up.

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