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Monday, May 07, 2007

No matter what we do... it is always the woman who gets scr*wed...

Good afternoon, my happy little clowns~

Well, the headline said something akin to, "Aide resigns, committee still determining punishment for Wolfowitz."

Girls. Hear me now. It is always the woman who loses when it comes to affairs at work. Wolfie would have resigned already if he had any class. Obviously he didn't as that wouldn't be compatible with his questionable character. He'll have to get booted or at least threatened before he would step down, but it will probably be a 'financial' fine I am guessing. We'll see. The man wouldn't understand what Community Service means now, would he?

And men wonder why we prefer financial symbols of 'love and affection' like a new refrigerator/freezer or a lovely diamond necklace or a 'little house of our own in our name only'.

Harrumph. But there is always another stupid woman ready to step in behind us, isn't there? Another foolish girl/woman/crone thinking that the man 'loves' her and even though every red flag in the building is waving, she chooses to trust him.

And another woman with no self-respect or so desperate to be loved that she sacrifices not only her dignity but even her career? Shaha, Shaha, Shaha... aren't you too smart to fall for something so dumb?

Here's the link to the latest on this story:

Clark County Diva

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