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Monday, May 14, 2007

My extended family seems to be afraid of me???

Good afternoon, my gentle little bananas~

Today it occurred to me that I have somehow managed to intimidate my extended family. Now they are afraid to talk to me about anything meaningful, but particularly about politics. I wonder why... hmmmm...

How do I know that? Because suddenly everybody is claiming to be 'not political at all'. Hmmmmm again.

So what happened?

I guess it probably started a long time ago when I informed my siblings that we were all abused by our parents. It wasn't a surprise to them, obviously, as they lived there too. It was just that I was talking about it. In all families where abuse is a component, 'telling' breaks that bond of secrecy that allows the abuse to continue unimpeded.

Yes, I know. It sounds insane, but mental illness and abuse can only thrive when hidden. Abusers do not take kindly to exposure, either, so anyone who talks will be disinherited. I say this from experience, but truth, safety and sanity have a price I have so far been willing to pay.

I still haven't finished the novel about our childhood - yes, it is fiction based on some real things that happened to us and other people I have known, but it will be much more than a dramatized documentary. Why the delay? Candidly, I find it too depressing these days to try to edit. I want to first write about whatever good times I can remember and then give it some balance before I do anything with it.

Besides, I much prefer to blog. Editors aren't too crazy about chronic navel-gazing and self-absorption. Not that my blog is only about me... me... me!

But I do worry that my brother probably thinks I am a wild-haired socialist and my youngest sister thinks I can't even handle my liquor. Okay, so both might be partially true, which is why I rarely drink more than a weak Marguerita or a glass of wine or two.

I promise, though, if I ever grow hair on my chest, I'll order a double. Woman lack some pretty critical stomach enzymes to process alcohol with, so we are at a disadvantage anyway.

But back on point. I am probably the most liberal person in my family and it is okay. One cannot help being born into a family of Republicans, nor should one be ashamed unless one votes Republican.:)

Oh come on. I want our country to come back together. I am sick to death of this partisan politics and illegal war. No, that last part is not partisan, it is the truth. And if you read my other post today about our 99.9% similar DNA, and the fact that there are no 'races' and that we are all brothers and sisters?

Let's just cut the crap, do the right thing, take care of our children and our old and vulnerable, and get the heck out of Iraq. Once we concentrate on our own society's ills, we can send them some money to hire their own contractors to rebuild their own country.

Think about it. We are upset with the South of the Border immigration and claim that out-sourcing to India is taking all our crappy jobs. How do you think the Iraqis must feel as they watch our contractors live in luxury, use up the few resources they have, stuff our faces with caviar and all the other delicacies we want and take all their good jobs?

Their homes and families are being blown up, their children and sick are dying for lack of medical care, their lives are all about subsistence and eking out a living.

While we spend millions or what will probably end up billions, building luxurious complexes and walling them in for all the Americans and other mercenaries to enjoy. Yes, we exploit the Iraqis and finance it all on the backs of the American taxpayer and future generations ad infinitum, and we thumb our noses at their autonomy, while we criticize them for not 'standing up' so we can 'stand down'.

It is the biggest, smelliest, load of crap slung quite so far on the entire planet. And all without using our real technological genius for demolishing countries while we are 'nation building'.

I would say that hypocrisy wouldn't even come close to covering what has been going on there. It is too mind-numbing to even contemplate how far this bush-cheney team has layered the web of international corruption.

But, hey. I don't know why my family should feel intimidated about talking to me. Everyone's entitled to their opinion... for a few minutes anyway, or at least while I still feel like being polite and we are all wearing gloves.

Then again, our collective extended family should be more afraid of America itself until the voters come back to their senses and the politicians who buck them are tossed out on their behinds. And I think that day is coming... not a minute too soon.

Clark County Diva



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