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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Man-made hazards...


Good afternoon, my lively little fireflies~

This art sculpture/fountain should be labeled "keep away from children", but surprisingly its creators actually designed it as a 'water feature and play structure'.

Okay. All mothers must have been excluded from that design session, because when I look at this fountain/water-play feature all I see is brain concussions and missing teeth. And I am not even a doctor or in the medical field. I cannot imagine what they think. Somehow, however, insurance was obtained and I would imagine that the premium could not have been cheap.

Of course, I realize children need things to do and there is little risk of a child drowning in the water, as long as that kid's parents are vigilant and the child has some basic rules of engagement. Unfortunately, I see lots of 'dads' who are napping on the bench while their five and seven-year-olds run like banshees up and down the fountain.

Maybe it was growing up on the coast with seaweed covered rocks that makes this seem so dangerous, but heck. Unless you are going to wear a helmet? Your brain is no match for granite. It just isn't.

So that brings me to another subject on man-made hazards. All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, the scourge of wilderness areas and beach dunes. Not only do these noisy machines spoil the serenity of nature for the rest of us, since some new rules were implemented in the late 1980's and the Feds started counting, over 8000 people have died in ATV accidents and more than a million have been seriously injured.

The tragic part of these last statistics, however, is that 35% of those deaths in previous years and most recently 22%, were children under 16 years of age.

Of course the major manufacturers of these All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), which includes Honda and Suzuki, among others, claim that the accidents are operator error. This is patently not true, although certainly alcohol and drug abuse, just as in boating and car accidents, plays a role. Drivers following the rules and not following the rules have all died and been injured for one reason. These vehicles are patently unsafe and will flip over or roll over even under the best driving skill.

We cannot legislate 'Stupid' or we'd have a different administration, but I think we can do a little better by requiring licensing, proficiency tests, and requiring manufacturers to suffer economically when these vehicles' unsafe design is determined to be a significant factor in a death or serious injury.

Just my take.

Clark County Diva

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