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Friday, May 18, 2007

The least expensive, most practical beauty treatment...

Good afternoon, my little red roses~

The other night my sister and I were bemoaning how much we had aged in 'the last five or six years'. We'd seen each other about two years ago, but somehow when we chat on the phone we both describe how old and wrinkled we have become since then.

I do believe this is something women begin to do and think right after they turn twenty-five. Our skulls finally close, we magically mature and realize who are the 'bad guys', and we start to feel terribly, terribly old.

Part of our problem, of course, is that we are women and much more mature than our men will ever hope to be. (Sorry guys, but we see you laughing over body functions, 'punking' each other, fart jokes and the similar pastimes.)

So what shall we do? We don't really look as old as we feel until we are that old, still this mental thing is not only annoying but depressing to keep having pop up.

My solution sounds simple, and it is. Unless you budget in plastic surgery and like that 'mask look', there is only one natural solution. Nobody's lips look small or thin when the person smiles. When you smile your cheeks lift up, your forehead smooths out and your whole face looks brighter and younger.

When you smile (regardless of crow's feet or the lack thereof), your eyes look so beautiful. A whole song was written about it, 'When Irish eyes are smiling, all the world is bright and gay'... but you don't have to be Irish to go there.:)

Sparkling eyes, laughing faces, big broad smiles? What could look more appealing? Who cares how old you look. That's so meaningless in the end. Right here, right now, you're alive! And that is really something to smile about, no matter your circumstances.

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