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Friday, May 11, 2007

In case you missed this in my other hyperbole...

Good afternoon, my fabulous little cornflakes~

In case you missed this video within my last few posts - I tend to digress as you know - here is the information on it:

Robert Greenwald has just announced another important Mother's Day initiative.
Go to to see a new short video eCard in honor of Mother's Day.

The video, featuring Felicity Huffman, Vanessa Williams, Alfre Woodard, and Christine Lahti, celebrates the original meaning of Mother's Day, founded during the Civil War as a call upon women to unite for peace in the name of children everywhere.

The video is being distributed virally over the internet by Robert Greenwald's Brave New Foundation via YouTube in partnership with a large coalition of groups, including MoveOn and MomsRising.

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