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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all you social pioneers out there!


Good afternoon, my little tiger lilies~

Today my husband spent the entire day hanging around with me and doing some of the things I wanted to do. It was a loving and appreciated gesture. This sculpture is in Esther Short Park, Vancouver, Washington, and is intended to honor the pioneer women who came across the Rockies and raised children in the most difficult circumstances.

Anyway, my husband went to the Peace Stand In with me for two reasons. One was to please me and the other was because he wanted to make a statement for peace as well. I was surprised to see two other women friends there whom I know from various charitable causes, and it felt good not to be a stranger in my own community. We had not coordinated, but the three of us met, hugged and when our 'vigil' was over, we all had tears in our eyes. I was so glad my husband was with me, and I was also glad that we both believe this Iraq war is an abomination.

The energy in that park square was very powerful and participating was thrilling in its own humble way.

I don't really understand the dynamics or the psychic effects or exactly what happens when people come together for a cause, but today I realized something very important. It is our collective consciousness that is going to raise the consciousness of others. I had hoped to not be the only person standing there ringing a bell, but I was going.

Okay, so full disclosure? Two hours before the event when my friend called to cancel, I thought about not going. I actually considered it seriously and started to feel badly. I had told both kids I didn't care when or how we celebrated Mother's Day, but I wanted to be in that park at 1:00 today. I offered to let them join me, or do the Stand In from wherever they were at the time. And so flaking didn't really seem like an option after all. You know, role modeling and such... :)

Besides, whenever I take the easy road or do what seems to be the simplest thing, the quality of my character suffers. Luckily I am no longer afraid of losing friends or business if I Stand Up for Peace. If I lose a little something, that is the price I am willing to pay. Better my small personal loss than another child losing a father or a mother losing her daughter or son or a soldier losing half their brain or limbs.

Since I had dawdled, I didn't have enough time to look my absolute best, but I reminded myself that this protest wasn't about me. It would have been okay if I had showed up in my pajamas. The point was to show up and show support for the peace movement - even if it is not totally off the ground because our representatives haven't yet truly grown a pair. Numbers talk, and politicians always check which way the wind is blowing before their step out of their personal comfort zone.

About 150 of us stood at the clock tower and when it struck one p.m., we rang our bells for about 30 seconds. Five minutes of silence ensued with some people holding hands, others open palms raised upward, some just standing and still others closing their eyes and praying. There was no organized effort to do anything other than stand there, united, for peace. At the end of five minutes we rang our bells again, and then people in the group began to hug each other.

There were a few young mothers there with their younger children, and that made me happy. There were old men with their even older dogs, old people, middle-aged people, little ones playing in the fountain, and lots of couples and single ladies huddling together. Someone was taking pictures of the crowd, and then she, too, observed the silence.

It was the best way I could imagine to celebrate the privilege and honor I have felt being a mother.

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