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Monday, May 14, 2007

The "Gonzo-Brillcream" Show continues...

Good afternoon, my calm little kitties~

You've been watching the rats run down the ramp and only the fattest one with the worst hair remains.... Gonzo-Brillcream must be next, right?

Let me recount the ways his department has made me happy. First, the resignation of fundamentalist Christian girl Monica Goodling. Then the Chief of Staff whose boss claimed he didn't know what his Chief of Staff was doing... I give you Kyle Sampson.

And now, my pretties, it is the one and only Deputy Attorney General, Paul McNulty... who as a US Attorney managed the conviction of Zacarias Moussaoui as a conspirator with the September 11th hijackers.

When is the stupid-acting, smarmy rat going to resign? No, no, not Cheney or Bush, they are the devil's minions. I am talking about Gonzalez.

Everything has its beginning and its end, my friends. Even Gonzo.

Clark County Diva



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