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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Counterfeiters and their heartless behaviors...

Good afternoon, my happy little ducklings~

The recent contamination of pet foods that spurred huge recalls across USAmerica was ultimately suspected of having been caused by Chinese-manufactured melamine being added to wheat gluten. One has to ask how that got into our pet foods - from the expensive to the even more expensive canned versions - and wonder how much contamination is in other daily products we use or consume.

When I see that something is made in China, I must admit that I often wonder if I am buying something with radioactive material or something toxic. Why? Their economy has become like that of our old Wild West, as it is growing much too fast for even their government to track it. Come to think of it, our meat industry and our foods industry is right up there with China's - virtually unsupervised compared to even thirty years go.

I would never eat or drink anything from a cheap, Chinese-made plate or cup, just on principle, but many food products' sources aren't so transparent. Lead is used in many indigenous peoples' crafts, and unless you are going to test everything, you might be wise to follow my lead. Yes, I know you think I am paranoid, but hey, I'm still here, am I not?

It is not just our pets who need to worry about contamination unfortunately.

The anti-freeze poison, diethylene glycol, has found its way not only into Chinese pharmaceuticals but many of those around the world, including the US and most recently, Panama. Of course, this was intentional by these fiendish manufacturers, as anti-freeze is about 45% to 50% cheaper to use than glycerin, its 'cosmic' twin.

These unscrupulous people replace glycerin, a relatively smooth, sweet tasting ingredient used in many common, over-the-counter products like cough syrup, with diethylene glycol, the poison, which has an almost indistinguishable taste and texture. Recently this manner of poisoning one's sweetheart made it into the news with the arrest of a woman who killed not only her first but second husband just this way.

Unfortunately, doctors and other medical profesionals are only starting to realize that some products produced overseas are horribly contaminated. Why would anyone do this? For the same old reason: blatant greed.

With our global economy there are many problems, but one of the most serious concerns the basic ingredients our manufacturers buy from these overseas, unregulated companies. It is like sleight of hand. One company makes the product, another markets it, another sells it, another ships it and then it is reshuffled again.

Is it our manufacturer's responsibility, as they buy these products based on some level of trust? Of course, how would they know that the ingredients have been circuitously provided. They may have been manufactured in China, shipped to Japan, then shipped to Spain then sent to Portugal and then to Canada and then to the United States - and the last purveyor has stamped all the bottles 'Pure Glycerin'.

Although our manufacturers could test the products, it is much cheaper not too. Unfortunately, they don't have any way of determining where the products originated, and if something goes wrong, they use this as their justification.

The intermediaries, shippers and middlemen, remove the previous mailing labels so that the buyers can't go directly to the producers. Unfortunately, without our Federal Drug Administration's eagle eye, these products can kill hundreds long before the contamination source is discovered.

But this is really not news, nor is counterfeiting a 21st Century exclusive.

Seventy years ago the same anti-freeze contaminant killed 100 people in the US. This gave rise to the FDA when people became enraged with the complete lack of oversight. The link below to an article in the New York Times outlines exactly how doctors, scientists and the forensic invesigators unraveled the source of the substituted antifreeze:

What is that line about man's inhumanity to man? Please tell me there is a hell.

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