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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Artist friends...


Good afternoon, my dearest little critics~

This is my friend Laura Hopper's painting of koi that I bought at a local art show a few years ago. The amazing thing about art, of course, is that everybody has a completely different idea about what is beautiful and soothing. I think this painting should have gone for five times what she sold it for, but that is pretty much how I feel about art. I am one of those people who values it more than some of the creators do, which I find sad.

After a while so many artists are just trying to pay for their materials and scrape by with a modest living. The northwest doesn't seem to have the same kind of cultural appreciations that other parts of the country do, but perhaps that is because we have less disposable income. New Yorkers may not own a car, but a huge percentage of them own good art work. I guess we'll mature in this area and then I'll pine for the old days, right?

I just love this painting, though, so I put it in my studio. When I repaint a few walls, I'm going to hang it where other people can see it too. In the meantime, I thought I'd share.

Clark County Diva
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